Our Story

We Struggle. We Fail. We Fall. We Mess Up. We are Exhausted Some Days. We Cry. We Keep Getting Back Up. We Do Our Best. We Believe the Best in Others. We Teach. We Smile. We Connect. We Love.

These are not only some of the feelings that go with living on a daily basis but also with starting a business...and IT IS ALL WORTH IT!

As funny as this sounds from the founders of a meat based snack stick company, when my wife and I first met she was vegan.

We quickly overcame our differences and bonded over many shared ideals.  We both grew up with parents who sacrificed a lot to give us invaluable experiences.  Our parents were teachers and taught us to value people and the outdoors.  We were fortunate to travel and connect with people and the land in other cultures and continents.  These eye opening experiences showed us how lucky we were.  

After we were married life came at us very fast.  We both experienced the loss of a close family member within the first year and we were struggling to get pregnant with our first child.  Our doctor suggested that Merissa begin to introduce clean and healthy meats back into her diet due to low iron counts. Fast forward to today and we are blessed with 4 wonderful children.  

We founded Stoke Provisions by taking Merissa's passion for clean eating and my passion for the outdoors to create the ability to offer our kids a clean, kind, and healthy snack in which we know every ingredient.  It is a great feeling also knowing that it is ethically sourced and sustainably produced with animals that are certified treated humanely.


The internal combustion engine starts with a spark which can create infinite amounts of positive momentum and energy.

Merissa has shown me how important and thankless her job as a stay-at-home mom can be.  Entertaining four kids is a daily challenge.  The thing is, she knows she is doing something more valuable for our family than words could express.  Merissa is constantly lighting sparks in our children every day.  Those moments no matter how small deserve to be celebrated.  

We say "Fuel the Spark" because it is not just about experiencing your own adventures and successes but also about the magic feeling you get when you see the spark in another's eyes.

We started with fueling our own sparks, then the spark in each other, then the spark in our kids. Through our products, we hope to fuel the spark in you and your communities.  Where YOU take it is the greatest adventure. We can't wait to see!

Good Stoke,

Ryan and Merissa Hayes